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NaturalShrimp Inc. (OTCQB: SHMP) stock value has seen a lot of action in early 2019, after months upon months of inactivity. The price started surging in late January 2019, successfully separating itself from the price of $0.01, only to see massive growth that took it just below $1 by mid-February. The growth was sharp and sudden, but it also ended just as quickly. The price then dropped back to $0.2, which was immediately followed by another surge, this time to $0.6.

Both of these massive increases of SHMP price came and ended in February, and throughout March, the price kept dropping. Eventually, in the second half of the month, it reached the support level at $0.2, which is where it mostly remained. However, In April, as well as early May, the price has made several attempts at growth, signaling that it is ready to leave this support behind, and return to its former glory.

What you need to know about NaturalShrimp

NaturalShrimp is a publicly traded US-based Aquaculture firm, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. However, the company is in the process of expanding and spreading its reach, which allowed it to open production facilities near San Antonio, in LaCoste, Texas.

The firm is well-known for developing the first commercially viable system for growing shrimp indoors. To do this, NaturalShrimp uses patented technology, and it produces never-frozen, fresh, entirely naturally grown shrimp. Further, the company uses no toxic chemicals, antibiotics, or other potentially harmful substances.

Its’ systems are self-contained, and they perfectly replicate the shrimp’s natural environment. What’s more, this technology can be used anywhere in the world, thus providing fresh and healthy seafood. Another thing worthy of note is that the firm does not use ocean water for farming shrimp. Instead, it was able to completely recreate the environment, and maintain it indefinitely, thus producing fresh shrimp throughout the year. The company’s successful development of this technology holds massive potential for the future of the seafood industry, as it promises to continue providing any amount of shrimp necessary without harming the environment.

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NaturalShrimp’s growth and progression

NaturalShrimp is a company that has been around for years now, but it only became known to the public relatively recently, during its massive price spike that came in early February of this year. The company’s growth originally started in mid-January, when it entered the next phase of development of its patent, which would allow the firm to go beyond just growing shrimp. The plan was, and is, to include additional salt-water species, thus revolutionizing the seafood industry.

The company then confirmed that its method of growing and harvesting shrimp has the ability to avoid causing any environmental issues, which is when its real surge actually began. This was when the company made new equipment order to its facility in LaCoste, Texas, expecting large demand that did arrive after it completed tests of its technology.

To prove its effectiveness, the company announced a fresh shrimp delivery to northern California-based Mardi Gras event. Later in March, it also announced that it would attend the 2019 SENA conference in Boston. In April, the company announced that its new water treatment system is about to enter full production.

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Clearly, the company holds massive potential for the future of the seafood industry, which can become completely eco-friendly thanks to its patented technology. This is one of the firms that has yet to see its peak and is only beginning to grow right now. With that in mind, investing in the firm right now is bound to make massive returns in the future, once the company has settled down and when it starts its expansion on a global scale. With food, and the future of food production, being among the major industries — this is one firm that is bound to succeed, and becoming a shareholder now is the best investment decision anyone can make. We will be updating on NaturalShrimp when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with NaturalShrimp.

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This post first appeared on Micro Cap Daily

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