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Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: CURLF) Stock price has been performing exceptionally well ever since December 2018. After a few troublesome months, during which the stock price declined down to the value of $4 — which has been acting as the bottom for the CURLF price — the company has started seeing a major boost.

The growth started in late December, as mentioned, and it broke several resistance levels before it ran into a more troublesome obstacle at $8. However, after reaching this level and suffering a minor decline down to $6 in mid-March — the stock started seeing another, much sharper surge. This one took the price past the resistance without stopping, and it only had issues once it reached $10. After a slight correction, the price surged again, reaching $11. Yet another correction followed, and then another surge which attempted to breach $11, although unsuccessfully. Now, the price is growing once more, currently sitting at $11.15.

What is there to know about Curaleaf Holdings?

Curaleaf is one of the leading vertically integrated wellness and medical cannabis operators in the US. The company is based on the belief that cannabis is a powerful substance that can do a lot to improve peoples’ lives. The company sees its effects on the lives of others every day through its dispensaries. Further, it listens to stories of its customers and consumers from all around the country.

No matter whether it is a businesswoman, a senior citizen, or a military veteran, everyone has a story to tell. Curaleaf aims to help that story have a happy ending. The company believes that it is important for a person to have a deep understanding of how they are feeling, as a different product may help them improve their condition.

The company is also convinced that education is crucial in order to help its customers. This is why the company does everything in its power to provide for their physicians, dispensary staff, pharmacists, and everyone else involved with its projects. Not only that, but the company also puts its products through rigorous testing to ensure that all of them come with the highest quality and efficiency.

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Curaleaf’s return to growth

Curaleaf has been performing excellently for a long time now, but its fast return to growth in 2019 is truly impressive. The company made many excellent moves to speed up its recovery from the stock price drop in late 2018, and it started by opening a new Dispensary in Nassau County in the state of New York.

Barely a few days later the company launched its 20th and 21st medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida, with plans to expand to Maryland as well. Meanwhile, Curaleaf was working on obtaining Ohio processing license, and by mid-February, it was welcomed to OTCQX by OTC Markets Group.

The company spent its March by expanding to Nevada through strategic acquisition, as well as by opening additional dispensaries in Florida. It was among the fastest growing cannabis retailers in North America. In the early days of April, the company also announced the acquisition of Eureka, the 24th dispensary in Florida, as well as plans to acquire another leading cannabis wholesale brand in the US — Select.

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It is clear that the company is advancing rapidly, and that its stock price can only continue to grow. Curaleaf has been one of the best investment choices in the entire cannabis industry, and it is now beginning to show it. While the price is already pretty high up, it is still worth investing into the company, as the surge is unlikely to stop anytime soon, and the firm itself appears to show no signs of stopping on its way to spread throughout the US. We will be updating on Curaleaf when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcapdaily so you know what’s going on with Curaleaf.

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This post first appeared on Micro Cap Daily

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